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Baby Helmet Therapy: Gentle way to mold an infant’s head into a more symmetrical shape

Understanding Baby Helmet Therapy

Baby Helmet Therapy, also known as Cranial Helmets, is a gentle way to mold an infant’s head into a more symmetrical shape. Infants are born with soft skulls composed of multiple bones connected by flexible sutures. These sutures allow for brain growth while also providing room for head shape adjustments.

At Mobility Ideal Health, we offer specialized Pediatric Services, including Baby Helmet Therapy (Cranial Helmets), to support healthy infant cranial development. Learn more about how this non-invasive treatment can help shape your baby’s head.

How Does It Work?

Our experienced team assesses your baby’s head and, if necessary, creates a custom-fit cranial helmet.

This helmet gently guides your baby’s head towards a more symmetrical shape over time. A precise fit is essential to prevent skin issues.

When Is Baby Helmet Therapy Recommended?

This therapy is suggested for infants with various cranial conditions, such as:


  • Positional Skull Deformity: If your baby’s head appears uneven or flattened due to prolonged head positioning in one direction.
  • Craniosynostosis: A condition where certain skull bones fuse prematurely, affecting head shape and potential brain growth.

Ready to explore how Baby Helmet Therapy can support your baby’s head shape?

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Our Pediatric Services, including Baby Helmet Therapy, are designed to promote healthy cranial development in infants. If you believe your baby may benefit from this therapy or need further information, reach out to us for a consultation with our pediatric specialists.