Physical Therapy

At Mobility Ideal Health, we believe mobility is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities but most importantly progress in humanity. It is this fundamental principle that we pride our selves as being a Nationwide leader in Mobility Solutions. We have aimed to keep people mobile at every age and at all points of life. As we strive to improve mobility and affordability, we continue our journey in making communities healthier in both mind, body, and spirit everywhere we can. This is how we profoundly change the lives of our patients. Mobility Ideal Health Care is comprised of our three entities below specialized in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Durable Medical Equipment, and Physical Therapy.

Mobility Clinic


Phone: (732) 662-5700​

Mobility Clinic is the provider of the highest quality Prosthetic and Orthotic patient care. We will empower our patients to achieve maximum comfort, mobility, and lead dignified lives. We are committed to providing state of the art technology and superior customer service experiences to our patients and communities that we serve nationally and internationally with complete honesty and total integrity.

Ideal HealthCare


Phone: (973) 762-4400

Ideal HealthCare provide a multitude of Nomadic Durable Medical Equipment to support the needs of almost all cases of mobility constraints and we also have a vast catalog of Nomadic DME accessories to adapt to the individual's needs.

Ideal Therapy


Phone: (732) 319-7765

With the vision of a humanitarian and a passion for the well being of anyone afflicted by amputation and mobility limitations, Ideal Therapy was established in 2017 by Rakesh Jain (CPO & LPO) and his dynamic associates.

Our mission as a Physical Health & Therapy provider, we are committed to accommodating our clients with the best service available whether an individual is in need of immediate care or long term pain prevention. We provide a multitude of Physical Therapy techniques and methods to support the needs of almost all cases of mobility constraints, injuries, or chronic pain.

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