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Mobility Ideal Healthcare is a durable medical equipment supplier serving the New Jersey area for over 25 years and is JCAHO Accredited & Certified 

Durable Medical Equipment or a DME is defined as medical equipment which can be utilized and used by a patient or care-giver that can withstand repeated and constant use by an individual or a facility. 

Durable Medical Equipment is primarily used in cases of recovery from illnesses or injuries, assistance in physical therapy and an aid to permanent / temporary disability.

Wound Care Equipment

Bio Compression Equipment

Respiratory Equipment

Bone Stimulators

Oxygen Equipment

Medical Equipment

Medical Consultation

Wound Care Equipment

Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy Equipment

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy  (NPWT) is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds and enhance healing of second and third degree burns. The therapy involves the controlled application of sub-atmospheric pressure to the local wound environment, using a sealed wound dressing connected to a vacuum pump.

Ideal HealthCare LLC Provides:

  • Canisters

  • Gauze Kits

  • Accessories

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Units

  • Standard Foam Kits

  • White Foam Kits


Mobility Ideal Healthcare offers Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy equipment by DeRoyal Medical Products.

DeRoyal Medical Products has partnered with Ideal HealthCare LLC to offer the best in negative pressure wound care treatment, providing our clients with unparalleled technology and quality for all their negative pressure wound care needs, providing a solution for all cases of wound care.


Mobility Ideal Healthcare offers effective wound care treatment by ManukaMed.

ManukaMed has partnered with Ideal HealthCare LLC to offer the best in effective wound care treatment. Using the science of bio-active and consistent manuka honey product to find reliable, effective advanced treatment options, ManukaMed's products are for optimal wound care treatment.

cork_medical_logo_blue_1900x (1).png

Mobility Ideal Healthcare offers effective wound care treatment equipment by ​Cork Medical.

​Cork Medical is a Medical Device and Support Surface

Manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative products for the treatment and prevention of wounds. The company products consist of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Specialty Mattresses, Overlays, and Cushions.

Wound Care Equipment

Respitory Equipment


AffloVest® Mobile Airway Clearance Therapy with Direct Dynamic Oscillation™ is for mobilizing and clearing secretions for patients with severe respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and other neuromuscular diseases, and is fully mobile during use.

The AffloVest is battery operated and uses Direct Dynamic Oscillation™ technology that closely mimics hand CPT to help mobilize and clear secretions, allowing for full freedom of mobility during treatment. The AffloVest features 8 built-in oscillating modules that, for the full range of sizes offered, are anatomically placed to target the lobes of the lung and allow for targeted customized treatment plans using the digital controller.

The AffloVest pioneered mechanical oscillation airway clearance therapy for patients with severe respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and other neuromuscular diseases. International Biophysics has a 25-year pedigree of successful medical product and technology launches around the globe.*

Respitory Equipment
Medical Tablet

Oxygen Equipment

Portable & Stationary Oxygen Concentration Units

An oxygen concentrator (also sometimes called “oxygen generator”) is a medical device used to deliver oxygen to those who require it. People may require it if they have a condition that causes or results in low levels of oxygen in their blood. These oxygen concentrators are normally obtained via prescription. Oxygen concentrators are powered by plugging in to an electrical outlet or by battery. If the concentrator is powered by an electric battery, that battery will need to be charged by plugging into an outlet. Several parts make up a concentrator, including a compressor, sieve bed filter, and circuit boards.


Gaseous In-Home & Portable Tanks​

High pressure oxygen systems consist of either aluminum or steel cylinders that hold medical grade oxygen in a gaseous form at a pressure of about 2,000 psi when full. As the oxygen is used, the pressure drops until the tank is empty and the pressure reads zero on the regulator. Regardless of the size of the cylinder, it will always be full at 2,000 psi and empty at 0 psi however the pressure readings are just an indicator of how much of the tank has been used, not how much oxygen has been used


Nebulizers Units & Accessories

A nebulizer changes medication from a liquid to a mist so that it can be more easily inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are particularly effective in delivering asthma medications to infants and small children and to anyone who has difficulty using an asthma inhaler.

It is also convenient when a large dose of an inhaled medication is needed. Nebulized therapy is often called a "breathing treatment." And a variety of medications -- both for immediate relief and maintenance of asthma symptoms -- are available for use with a nebulizer.


Nebulizers come in home (tabletop) and portable models. Home nebulizers are larger and must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Portable nebulizers run on batteries -- either disposable or rechargeable -- or can be plugged into a car's cigarette lighter. Smaller, portable units are slightly larger than a deck of cards, so they can be carried in a purse, briefcase, or backpack to be used whenever and wherever you need them.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers Units & Accessories

An ultrasonic nebulizer is a device that uses ultrasonic frequencies to turn a liquid medication into a fine mist so it can be inhaled.
The ultrasonic frequencies are sound waves outside the range that can be heard by human ears

Oxygen Equipment

Bio Compression Equipment

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Compression Pumps

Compression Garments

Equine Biocryo

Various systems with segmental, pneumatic compression providing calibrated  and/or gradient pressure. Also state of the art systems with circulators. 

Various compression pump garments ranging from 4-Chamber, 8-Chamber, BioCryo, Multi-Flow, BioArterial, and Equine BioCryo

EQUINE BIOCRYO is designed to effectively relieve swelling utilizing cold therapy and progressively moving fluid from the hoof. EQUINE BIOCRYO provides a soothing massage that increases circulation, reduces swelling and alleviates pain.

Bio Compression Systems, Inc., is the manufacturer of the highest-quality line of pneumatic compression therapy equipment.

Bio Compression Systems, Inc., is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic sequential therapy equipment. In addition to its high-quality devices, Bio Compression Systems has developed a wide range of garments in sizes and styles applicable to virtually every anatomical area in need of edema reduction, increased circulation, and promotion of enhanced wound healing.


For patient measurements with unique characteristics, Bio Compression Systems’ specialized  equipment enables the design and production of custom garments. Since all garments and devices are manufactured on premises in our Moonachie New Jersey factory, we are able to provide fast turnaround of custom garment orders shipping on a weekly basis.

Bio Compresson Equipment
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Bone Stimulators

Electrical bone growth stimulators are a supplemental form of therapy to help enhance the body's bone healing process… a process that is absolutely essential for the success of any type of spinal fusion surgery.


At Zimmer Biomet, we pursue exceptional outcomes. Our innovations help treat patients suffering from disorders of, or injuries to, bones, joints or supporting soft tissues. Alongside some of the world's top healthcare professionals, we help deliver new possibilities to patients. 

It's our promise to look beyond what's possible now and discover what's possible next.


The CMF Bone Growth Stimulator's state-of-the-art, Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology provides medical professionals with an effective tool for healing problem fractures and spinal fusion procedures. Outstanding results and excellent patient compliance are reasons why our company is a leader in the industry.

Bone Stimulators

Medical Equipment

Custom Wheelchairs

At Mobility Ideal Healthcare, we strive to meet each individual patient’s needs to give them the best comfort in maintaining their independent mobility. Wheelchairs can be modified to fit the individual’s body to maximize comfort for a patient. We aim to provide the best combination of corrective positioning, comfort, durability, and safety for the patient. 

Bariatric Products

Mobility Ideal Healthcare features a full line of bariatric products, such as beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, custom wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, transfer benches, and patient lifts.  

Support Surfaces

Ideal Healthcare offers a full scale of low-pressure support surfaces including air, gel, low air-loss mattresses and ROHO chair cushions.  We also offer custom positioning systems.

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Medical Equipment
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